Walk in my Shoes


Born in the United States and raised in an Iranian household. The contrast between my domestic and public life has shaped my identity. Iranian Contemporary Artist  and MFA recipient at PSU, Elham Hajesmaeli asked me during an interview if I identified more as American or Iranian. This question shook me and made me think about my inner and outer personality. After contemplating the question for quite some time, I responded thus: "When I am around Iranians, I feel American. When I am around Americans, I feel Iranian." This allowed me to make connections between myself and immigrants. While many of my immigrant peers would tell me that I am lucky to have been born in America and being a natural born American citizen makes my life easy, I have to disagree. While, being bilingual, and having knowledge about both cultures is a privilege , growing up was hard too. This performance art "Walking in my Shoes" aims to bring to light those binaries that I carry with me every single day. 

Tory Talayi

Art History Department

The Pennsylvania State University

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Walking in my shoes Video

This song by Binaam is in English and Farsi. This kind of music resonates deeply with me. I often contemplate about my life and my identity while listening to this genre of music. This is a song I listen to often while walking to campus in the mornings. These images compiled into a video were taken during one of these walks.